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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Recently Out of the Kiln

Was trying for an "old world" lacy effect. And while the picture does it justice, in actuality the poor little bowl is rather lopsided. It never would have progressed to the glaze firing except Reed thought it was charming. Naturally, when it survived the glostfiring, it went home with him.

This face mug is the very first one i created. Last December, sitting down with a lump of clay, wondering what to do with it, and by golly, this fellow more or less created himself. I was so delighted, yet scared to death to glaze him. Finally, a year later, with bated breath i applied the glaze and gently placed him in the kiln. Other kiln survivors have pleased me, yet never as much as this one when it came out of the kiln grinning at me !!!

xxxxxx xxxxxx
And now we have the mini-teapot. In this case the pictures do not do it justice. It's actually quite lovely in a whimsical sort of fashion and the colors turned out swell. Unfortunately, in the photos, the blues are rather washed out. In real life, holding it in hand, one experiences richly saturated opal blues.
So the colors are great; the shape is pleasing; and it holds one full (large) cup of water.
I capered aroung in 7th heaven until i discovered it's a bit tricky to pour. Because the spout is near the top of the pot, there was no room to construct a proper flange in the lid. It would have covered the holes. Now i've seen teapots with "U's" cut out of the lid's flange and thought this was the reason why.
The water pours out the teapot spout
Out of the lid too !!!
On the other hand -- The spout doesn't drip! The last drop of water plops into the cup in courtly fashion.

Ah . . . the pro's and con's of design. Little spouts near the top of teapots have a really neat appearance but how the heck does one design the lids ??? Would love to hear from any of you who have wrestled with this situation and developed solutions . . .

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