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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time To Reflect

The year 2007 has basically ended. The new year is about to begin. What will we bring ourselves in the new year?

What gifts of creation, what goals, what purposes will we endow ourselves with in the coming days, the coming months?

Today is the first "breather" from recent hectic holiday activity and i thoroughly intended to reflect on the work accomplished this past year and on the direction it should take during the next 12 months.
However . . .
My thoughts hid in sleepiness, not actual sleep mind you, just that grogginess of a mind not quite in gear. A mind slumbering in the fog of exhaustion.

I intended to reflect on the pottery pieces that pleased me and seemed meaningful. Should i pursue the character mugs? Or focus on teapots? Fashion a series of casserole dishes?

It may be a time to look at this from a different perspective -- should i focus on production pottery, do simple bowls and plates (which have more market potential) or continue with fancy creative endeavors (which will require, perhaps, a specialized market niche)?

Or possibly, explore new opportunities and fashion pieces which make "statements" about our culture. About the world we find ourselves in.

It's definately time to reflect on marketing techniques and strategies.

What direction are you going with your pottery endeavors this year? Will you stay with a style which has been successful for you? Or try something new?

Ah yes . . . A time to reflect.

And i will - right after i finish trimming the milk pitcher started a couple of days ago, finish glazing the casserole bowls waiting for their decorative colors, add the spout and handle to the teapot which is still on the wheel, bisque fire those pieces that are dry enough, fire those that await the glostfire . . . .

Happy Reflections

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