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Friday, June 20, 2008


Have been exploring nitrates, sulfates and chlorides recently.
Fascinating stuff.
A Copper Sulfate wash: [3 Tbsp copper sulfate to 1/2 cup water] over a white crackle glaze gives wondrous colors in post-fire reduction.
Enjoyed this experiment.
Didn't have such good luck with the Potassium Chloride wash prepared the same way. Nor with the Stannous Chloride wash.
The PC wash showed nary a bit of color; the SC wash turned a miserable black.
This experiment was extremely frustrating.

Have also been trying to locate text books: subject - lusters and fuming techniques. This endeavor is as frustrating as failed glazes !!!
Apparently . . . .
There are three, and only three, which explore these techniques in depth. All three are out of print. Not available.

Additionally: Finding suppliers who handle non-traditional chlorides and nitrates seems to be a challenge. How in the world did Arne Ase find stuff like strontium nitrate, uranyl nitrate and barium chloride?

When the techniques work the results are not only wondrous - they are magical.
So magical that one just knows they could produce an awesome body of work if frustration doesn't "kill" 'em first.
Ah well . . . .
Happy fuming folks!

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