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Friday, June 27, 2008

More Iridescence

Here are a few more photos of recent work showing iridescence (darn that word is hard to spell !!!)

This one was done a few weeks ago. The camera didn't pick up the shimmering colors interplaying on the outside surface but the colors do gleam in the sunshine beguiling the eye with their magical changeability.

These are the inside surfaces of the cups shown yesterday. It intrigues me that the same glazes and same chems applied in post firing reduction will flash primarily either gold or silver depending on the cup.

This bowl is most intriguing. Wish the photo had come out a little better. When held in one direction, a Samurai warrior is clearly visible. Yet when the bowl is turned slightly silvers and golds visually overpower the warrior. Hmmm . . . wonder if that applies to real life?
Here's to great and glorious days

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coupl'a Photos

OK Folks
Here's some pix of these weeks' work. Have a few more which will be posted in the near future however have to download Photoshop onto this computer so it may take them a day or two to appear. Or who knows, they may appear sooner than i think.

So here we go . . . .
This is pretty much what the bowl looks like. When it's turned this-a-way-and-that, the rouge color displays the luminous energy of pearlized colors. In the next pix, i darkened it just a little bit trying to show the irisdescence a wee bit better.
Discovered today, it's really tricky to photograph "irisdescence"!!!
In real life, the gold really shimmers.
Was delighted with this photo as the glimmering colors show well
Seen from a different perspective, the top of the handle glitters gold !!!
Here you can see the silver,
gold and iridescence.
Have discovered that these pieces are best viewed in bright sunlight where if they are turned one way they shine golden. Held differently, they shimmer silver. Tilted "just right" -- and all the irisdescence plays upon the light rays.
Hopin' y'all are enjoying the happy irisdescent days of summer

Friday, June 20, 2008


Have been exploring nitrates, sulfates and chlorides recently.
Fascinating stuff.
A Copper Sulfate wash: [3 Tbsp copper sulfate to 1/2 cup water] over a white crackle glaze gives wondrous colors in post-fire reduction.
Enjoyed this experiment.
Didn't have such good luck with the Potassium Chloride wash prepared the same way. Nor with the Stannous Chloride wash.
The PC wash showed nary a bit of color; the SC wash turned a miserable black.
This experiment was extremely frustrating.

Have also been trying to locate text books: subject - lusters and fuming techniques. This endeavor is as frustrating as failed glazes !!!
Apparently . . . .
There are three, and only three, which explore these techniques in depth. All three are out of print. Not available.

Additionally: Finding suppliers who handle non-traditional chlorides and nitrates seems to be a challenge. How in the world did Arne Ase find stuff like strontium nitrate, uranyl nitrate and barium chloride?

When the techniques work the results are not only wondrous - they are magical.
So magical that one just knows they could produce an awesome body of work if frustration doesn't "kill" 'em first.
Ah well . . . .
Happy fuming folks!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still trying

Am still messing around with fuming techniques. When it works, the pieces come out gorgeously. The old maxim: "good child; horrid child" definately applies here. When the techniques work, the result is awesome; when it doesn't the results are horrid.
My next quest? How does one redeem horrid pots ????
Happy glazing trails

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Tool

Have seen this trimming tool described on some potter's videos. Simon Leach for one. Wanted to check it out before sharing to see "if and how" it worked.
OK. It works like a charm. And is easy to make.

First find some crating wire. Cut off the length you need. Shape and tape. (Use a sturdy tape.)
And Walla !!!
A trimming tool.
Used it today to trim out a small sauce bowl which i'd inadvertantly let get too hard. Worked like a charm!
Happy Trimming Days

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Short Update

Realized recently that the Simon Leach videos page wasn't listed in the pottery demo's column. So have updated this.
His video's are updated regularly (every day usually) and full of useful techniques and miscellaneous info. Little tips such as using venetian blind slats (which are made of bamboo!) for turning tools!
For anyone learning to throw on a wheel, his video's are invaluable . . .
Have a great day

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Checking in this morning to see what y'all are doing. It appears as if most everyone posted to their blogs yesterday.
Me? I spent the day trying my best to celebrate one of my sons' birthday and make it a happy occasion for him.

Good news?
You betcha.
Actually sold my first pottery piece a few days ago !!!
Was tickled pink !!!
And the neatest thing about it is: the very sweetest gal bought it as a birthday gift for her Mother. She'll always have a special place in my heart.

Have a greatest day everyone