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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tom Bivins' Workshop

Occassionally, time gets away from me.
And lately, my efforts have been focused on creating tall pots.
I've been remiss in giving credit where credit is due.
Attended a workshop given by Tom Bivins, a master at throwing tall pots, at the TAC building last Wednesday.
Oughta repeat part of that last statement: Tom is a Master thrower of tall pots !!! If you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops . . . . run . . . . don't walk to the affair. It will be well worth your time to watch him make the clay rise.
And rise.
Then . . . .
just when you believe it can't get any taller,
Tom brings it up more!

Tom Bivins at the wheel.

Here he is bringing the clay up.
Bringing it up more.

And setting the rim. Notice that now he's standing up!!! It's much too tall to work on sitting down!

A special word of THANKS goes to Tom Bivins for giving us his time and his expertise. In addition to creating beautiful ( and tall !!!) pots, he's actually a really good instructor, presenting a workshop that was not only informative, but lotza fun.

And a special word of THANKS goes to Reed Sullivan of the Valley Citizen - (Teton Valley newspaper) x for sharing his photos of the event. Thank you Reed.
Successful throwing tall days to y'all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So !!!
You think because you haven't heard from me lately, i haven't been busy ???
You think that just because my kilns don't work . . . .
I haven't been creating ???
Here are a few of the pots thrown recently . . . .
They are all greenware. All are between 9 inches and 14 inches tall. Except for the little guy ... he's approx. 7 inches in height.
Have done some casserole dishes too. Will bore you with photos of these at a later date.
Am praying sooo hard for a working Cone 10 electric kiln to somehow miraculously arrive . . . .
Happy creative days to all