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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tom Bivins' Workshop

Occassionally, time gets away from me.
And lately, my efforts have been focused on creating tall pots.
I've been remiss in giving credit where credit is due.
Attended a workshop given by Tom Bivins, a master at throwing tall pots, at the TAC building last Wednesday.
Oughta repeat part of that last statement: Tom is a Master thrower of tall pots !!! If you ever get a chance to attend one of his workshops . . . . run . . . . don't walk to the affair. It will be well worth your time to watch him make the clay rise.
And rise.
Then . . . .
just when you believe it can't get any taller,
Tom brings it up more!

Tom Bivins at the wheel.

Here he is bringing the clay up.
Bringing it up more.

And setting the rim. Notice that now he's standing up!!! It's much too tall to work on sitting down!

A special word of THANKS goes to Tom Bivins for giving us his time and his expertise. In addition to creating beautiful ( and tall !!!) pots, he's actually a really good instructor, presenting a workshop that was not only informative, but lotza fun.

And a special word of THANKS goes to Reed Sullivan of the Valley Citizen - (Teton Valley newspaper) x for sharing his photos of the event. Thank you Reed.
Successful throwing tall days to y'all.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Chae, I am eager to hear your report on your own experiences throwing tall now after the workshop and all the interesting/good advice you got from Clayart. There were lots of good ideas there, I thought. I intend to try them out myself--but haven't yet. Waiting to hear what you report!

chaetoons said...

Hi Gay
Will post a column on this within the next couple o days.
Wanted to write the Tom Bivins column first but needed the pictures first. Now tis done and can put together a more comprehensive "tip" column on creating taller pots.
So far my personal efforts have produced an awfully lot of casserole dishes from the collapsed clay !!!
And a lot of clay to be reclaimed . . . .
Heaps o Hugs

Lori Buff said...

I hope he's coming to a workshop in GA sometime soon. I'd love to see him work and learn from him. I can't wait for your tips either.
Keep practicing.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Lori
The major parts of what i've gleaned on the topic are posted above, in the Sept. 6th post.
It seems one of the key factors is to place the inside hand slightly above the outside hand while pulling the clay up. Bulging it out a bit from the inside, then pushing it in and up with the outside hand.
Tom Bivins lives here in the valley and i don't know what his schedule is like, but his facebook page can be tapped into from mine. Maybe a group of potters in your area could get together and invite him ???
Good luck with this and have the happiest of days !!!

Tom Bivins said...

Hello Chaeli, Thank you again for the great post about our workshop. We will be presenting another on March 9 & 10, 2012. 9th is a slide presentation at Driggs City Center and 10th is at TAC. Still getting the details together. I hope you will be there!