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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Decal Results

OK !!! The moment my eyes opened this morning, raced out to the kiln to see the results. And here they are.
The image is intact with not, perhaps, as much detail as it had before firing. The line drawing between the photographs basically faded away.
Was trying to get a "straight line" when i applied the Hanovia Gold. Put masking tape over the decal. Discovered that the masking tape will remove parts of the decal ... (before it's fired). And i think the black smudges near the top are from the glue of the masking tape mixed with the iron oxide??? Sadly, the "line" isn't straight either !!! But the gold looks purty!

While the white area below the decal looked perfectly white before it was refired, evidently the iron oxide from the decal transferred my fingerprints to this area as i smoothed the decal while applying it! I swear these were invisible when the cup was placed in the kiln.

Was so enamored with the decal process that i put some on this iridescence(dized) cup kilned in July. Actually like the black better than the sepia tones. So will check out further ways to stabilize these decals.

Have the greatest decaling days



cynthia said...

Awesome Chae!! What temp did you fire decal to - and what temp was glaze fire b4 that?

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia
It was a long answer, eh?!!!
If you want to, email me your phone # and i'll be delighted to give you a call filling in any additional information which might help.

Sister Creek Potter said...

You've been thinking of me because I've ALMOST left notes on your site the last couple days. I am excited about your success witht the decal work. You've always impressed me with your adventerous approach to the clay work! I admire that--I'm such a stick in the mud person.
We are all fine. The surgery did take a toll on our time and we were not prepared for the set-back it would cause Kenny. But he is recovering--pretty much back to where he was before surgery. But we are a bit disappointed that we've not seen gains over where he was before. We've been told that his recovery and advance will continure over the next year!
It was impossible to spend any concentrated time in the studio for the last few months. I'm not one to be able to do a bit here, stop, and then return for a bit more later. I really need to get into my projects whole heartedly and I get discouraged and frustrated when I can't do that. So I've just shut the door on the studio till next month. This month has so much going on with the holidays but things should settle down in January and I intend to claim time for the studio--lots of time!
Thanks for thinking of me. Wish we could sit down for a cup-of-something and a long chat face to face someday. Wouldn't that be fun! Gay