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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sensory Perceptions

I found the neatest site. But first let me ask you:
If you were given this assignment: "Make sure you address the issues from a designer's perspective. Don't focus on too many technical details. Be sure to include the important factors of color, the visual effects that can be created and the impact a given product can bring ... and … oh and don't forget to add texture indicative of the product, again especially from a designer's perspective."
What piece of pottery would you design?
And too, what special textural effects would you apply?
Now let's even go a step further with this assignment. Our definition of texture is: something composed of closely interwoven elements which define the essential part (substance) or quality (character) of the object and has visual or tactile surface characteristics.
Objective tactile qualities can go beyond geometry: warm – cold, hard – soft, moist – dry, sticky – non-sticky, which are all distinctions that people recognize in texture, to the emotional dimension which describes subjective impressions such as "pairs like comfortable – uncomfortable, lively – dull, elegant – ugly, modern – traditional. Textures which suggest extremes of a particular quality and therefore create a range between those extremes such as descriptive opposites like plain – bumpy, regular – irregular, repetitive – non-repetitive, and line-scattered – dot-scattered.
Or textures which are feathery, honeycomb-like, oily, silky.
With this in mind how would you create the the texture of a clinging, slightly damp, elastic yet silky feel of the inner skin of an onion ?
Because texture matters shouldn't we incorporate as many tactile sensations into our pottery creations as we can gracefully manage in one piece?
And the neatest site? Why it's all about textures, of course. offers scads and scads of visual textural images to help stimulate our tactile perceptions.
Happy texturing folks


Sister Creek Potter said...

Good lead. I love texture--but don't apply much to my work. That is a great site you found--I shall be refering to it frequently, I suspect. Gay

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
Thanks. I was really tickled to find it too!!!
I do often get texture on my pieces but it's rather by accident than by design !!!
We're going to try to make it to Jackson today and it's pretty much a blowin storm, so will sign off.