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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Scripting Tool


For those who are doing decal transfers onto pottery and who are not particularly adept at calligraphy is quite a lovely find.

This site has neat stencils but the real treasure is a tool which allows the user to type in a phrase, choose the font and size, then use the mock up of it.
It's quick and easy.



Sister Creek Potter said...

I want to come for hot tea and scones--what time? I am busy today cooking for our family gathering tonight--but any time after that! Happy Holidays! Gay

chaetoons said...

Ah Gay! It would delight me beyond all measure if you came for a visit !!!
What great fun it would be to sit and chat; swap stories; and do some pottery together (i have some extra clay).
Let me know what time you'll be arriving and i'll bake up a bundle of cakes, pies and . . . scones!
Tea and coffee are always on the burner.
Love N Hugs
And have the happiest Christmas season ever!