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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ah Ha !!! Temperatures have stayed above 25°F Monday, Tuesday and today! Can't beat that with a stick. Up each morning at 5am to run the kiln while the temps are moderate. Monday and Tuesday fired bisque loads. Today, there's a casserole dish glazing in the kiln.
For the last 3 years, have brought the New Year's in with a new piece of pottery glazed and fired on New Year's Eve. It seemed imperative to do the same this year too. I hope and pray that by starting the New Year's with a new creation, it will prod the new year into producing only nourishing, peaceful, joyous and loving experiences for ALL. If i could, i would mandate peace, love, joy and nourishment for everyone in the world!

Wishing everyone a year of peace, happiness and good cheer!


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Happy New Year's To All
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Chae


Islandtribal said...

I have created stencils for all kinds of use. Would stencils work on clay pots? If you need any stencils check out my site at Thanks, Thom

chaetoons said...

Good Mornin' Thom
Yes! Stencils are neat tools to use when trying to put glaze designs on pottery!
Thank you for calling your product to our attention!
And i'll definately check out your site.
Thanks for sharing.