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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bringing In The New Year

vvvvvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Happy New Year's Everyone !!!
How hard this little critter worked to be born !!!
The Paragon kiln which bisque fires perfectly, sure doesn't like to reach temps of 2167°F. It was an uphill battle all the way.
Started the kiln shortly after rising at 5am. It quit twice during the day, finally finishing by 9:06pm. During the last hour or so of firing, i sat watching the temperature increase like a hawk intense on saving its nesting baby.
At 2155°F it appeared as if we weren't going to make it. The temp hovered there for much too long. It just couldn't seem to gain enough extra heat to complete its journey. Got the bright idea of throwing a fiber blanket over the top of the kiln where the lid meets the body and by golly that seemed to improve the situation.
Still . . . . . .
With each °F the kiln gained, it felt as if i'd run a mile in an uphill marathon! Breathing was not an option in those moments for i was praying so hard to bring the new year in with a new creation.
Success of sorts. The casserole dish is whole and healthy. It's just that my impressionistic "flowers" are more impressionistic than flowery! I truly wanted to bring something beautiful into the new year and this misses the mark.
New Year's resolution -- learn more about the elements of design!

May the New Year bring you health, nourishment, joy, laughter, love, PEACE . . . .
You know -- all the magical Blessings of life!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Your "new year's casserole" is bright and cheery. I think by 2010 you will love it, too! Our expectations ruin so many of our great moments. Happy New Year, Chae!

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
Thanks for the good thoughts on the casserole bowl. Perhaps, i'm just over-critical as some friends stopped in yesterday afternoon and really liked the bowl !!!
And you're right -- time has a habit of causing us to see things differently, in perspective so to speak . . . .
And again, Happy New Year's