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Saturday, January 17, 2009

It Would Have Been a Grand Ole Bird but . . .

I loved this design. It reminded me of a dove.
Came off the wheel just fine.
Bisqued perfectly.
So i was especially excited about opening the kiln to see the results.

Should write a book . . .
Titled: How To Go From Euphoria To Utter Depression In a Few Quick Moments
Actually a book with that title might be a best seller; you know - folks thinking it was of the self help variety with a comic twist.
However, the fates were not with me. It's the first time in 3-4 years that a glaze has "run" on me. (And wouldn't you know it had to accomplish this feat on this piece?)
What a mess. Ruined 3 kiln posts. My grinder won't even pretend to remove the glassed-glaze from their sturdy little frames.
But the saddest thing, of course, is it ruined the bottom of the piece as i chiselled the kiln shelf, the kiln posts and the "bird" apart.

Just too sad . . . .
Happy kilning days folks.

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