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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decal Post

Decided to try the Lazertran Inkjet Waterslide decal paper yesterday. Ordered it at the same time i ordered the Bel's back in mid-November but this is my first attempt to use it.
My thinking on this is that while the Bel's works fabulously, it is black + white (sepia after firing) and with the inkjet there was a possibility of achieving color.
It is my understanding that the inkjet colors will burn off during firing, so my plan was to attach the Lazertran printed decal and apply glaze coloring on top of it, using the decal as a template, so to speak.
More than likely, it was my method of application which caused the disfunction.
I had already applied 3 layers of glaze to the bowl (as a background) and tried to attach the decal over this. It wouldn't adhere to the powdery surface. Even tried to glue it to the surface. This didn't work either.
Which left me only one recourse.
To try and glaze-paint impressionistic flowers on the surface of the bowl.
Now y'all have already seen the results of my "impressionistic" flowers!
For some reason they never seem to work out quite the way they should . . . .
Ah well, the bowl is in the kiln; firing right along merrily. Was up at 4:30am to start it, under the premise that the weatherman was correct in his predictions that outside temps would reach 35 degrees today; and also, that it's much easier to deal with a malfunctioning kiln, at say 4-5pm, than it is at 8pm at which hour rigor mortis has set in, the mind has slowed, and all seems like a major frustration. There's just something about reading a fascinating book til 1am and then trying to surface 3-4 hours later that's not conducive to sharp mental functionability!
Happy impressionistic days to y'all

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