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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mylar Cones and Slip Trailing

Visited Grace Sheese's site, , yesterday. She does some pretty time-consuming, intricate and detailed work. Very impressive.
Her Jan. 29th blog-post mentions Charan Sachar, , and his method of using mylar cones as a tool to slip trail.
Naturally, i followed her link, , and watched his video on his method of creating the mylar cones and how he uses them to decorate ceramics by slip trailing.
He does a very thorough presentation.
Now, my only question is: where do i buy the Mylar?


Sister Creek Potter said...

On the same track, I found mylar on the web. A roll (lifetime supply, probably) for $15--but then found that the shipping was $15. Decided to look for it here. Have not done it yet. But on the web site it was used in garden or hot house to increase light--but reflection. So maybe a garden supply might have some....Gay

chaetoons said...

Hey Gay !!!
That is an excellent suggestion and i greatly appreciate it.
Hate to admit that i could actually be behind the times, but i'd never heard of mylar and had no clue where to look for it.
Thank you whole bunches.

cynthia said...

Mylar...hmmm not sure I can help you with this one - maybe an art store???

I love Charan's work - it's spectacular!

chaetoons said...

Hey Cynthia
This town is so small, i doubt if i can find it here but there is a floral/garden supply store in town so will check that out tomorrow.

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

This is Charan.. the guy who made the video of the slip trailing. I am surprised with cost of mylar paper mentioned in one of the comments. Mylar paper is nothing but metallic gift wrapping paper which you can get at any store. EVen plastic gift wrapping paper works well for this technique.
Hope this helps.

chaetoons said...

Charan !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for this information!
I'm not usually so far behind the times, but until i visited Grace Sheese's blog with reference to your video, i had never heard of Mylar paper! (Am embarrassed to admit that . . . )
Sure and you just saved me a passel of money for i intended to follow Gay Judson's advice and order it online.
Thank you again. And your video is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Sister Creek Potter said...

well, Chae, I wonder if I have something in my 'gift wrap' box that meets the demand. Will check and let you know what I find. If it is not here I guess I/we can find it at a local store selling gift wrap. So nice of Charan to step in to help out! I enjoyed watching his pictures (viedos?) of creating his studio in the basement of his home--maybe not basement, maybe garage. At any rate, he did a great job of creating a great home studio and of sharing the 'how-to' with us others! Great community, right? Love the net. Gay

chaetoons said...

So do i Gay.
So do i.