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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Fuming


Love this process of firing to 1700 degrees F and removing pots from kiln to spray with ferric chloride, stannous chloride and bismuth subnitrate, then transferring them to a barrel loaded with straw and wood chips. It's quick and i can see the results the same day !!!
However, this piece was only fired to 1563 degrees F as am still trying for reds - which didn't happen. It might have - for when first taken out of the kiln, it appeared darker but am afraid the reduction turned the "red" to orangy-yellow.
Also, instead of spraying a solution of stannous on the piece, instead set it on the hot bricks and sprinkled approx. 3 tbsp of the stannous crystals around the base. xxxxxxxxxxx
Did spray the bismuth subnitrate over the whole piece.
The barrel had been prepared with Baking soda, Borax and salt on the straw. Both underneath the piece and on the straw atop.
Gotta run. Piece in the kiln for today's experiment is almost ready to come out to be sprayed with a different method . . . .
Happy experimenting everyone

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