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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Read somewhere recently that fuming with metal salts is also known as Kosai. Originally a Japanese technique.
This intrigued me. I dearly love to apply unusual names to techniques and other items as well.
So! Googled the word - Kosai. (As much to explore more info on the technique rather than a cute word application.)
Got to laughing so hard, i darn near choked.
Definition of Kosai?
Compensated Dating !!!

I've always been naive and usually gullible so merely thought i'd been "had" . . . . However, the artist, Eduardo Lazo, seemed so serious and genuine that i googled the word again. This time with "pottery" placed in front of the word.

Walla! It is an actual Japanese term for: hue of light.

I'd suggest if you decide to pursue this method of fuming pottery with metallic salts and want to fancy the description of the process up a bit with the terminology: Kosai
You might want to qualify like crazy and stress that while this is a method of creativity (as is the other, i presume . . . ) this one is strictly limited to pottery.
Or somesuch.
There's irony in this. I'm just sure of it.



cynthia said...

Hey Chae - check out this blog for some alternative firing methods and warm reds achieved in a pit fire:

Ya gotta scroll down to see her tutorial.

Have a great weekend,


chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
Will check it out right away.