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Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Additions

This little fellow joined the family the day before Mother's Day. Cutest little guy who prefers to sit on my shoulder rather than anywhere's else !!! Named him Kama which is another word for love.
Tried to post pix of newest vase. It didn't work. So will try a new post and see if we get better results!


cynthia said...

Kama is so darn cute! My daughter would like a bird, but I've said no since the bird would most likely become mine when she leaves home. I've heard they live long long lives.

chaetoons said...

I think they're spoze to live between 50-80 years. Am not sure about that tho.
Kama's no trouble at all. Very affectionate. It tickles me so much when he rides around on my shoulder or snuggles under my chin!