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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Yet

Was going to shoot this outside where it would sparkle.
It's snowing . . . .
First we had 45 feet of snow
Which finally melted.
As the last mountainous drift faded away, i discovered there not only was grass . . . .
It needed to be mowed !!!
Now just how can that be?

So! Shot these photos inside. The lighting isn't quite right so am not sure you can see the luminescent quality of the glaze. It's awesome !!!

So! Without further ado let me present photos of the most braggable piece produced to date. Only took me 2 + 1/2 years to learn enough to accomplish this!

Isn't that a fascinating blue?x

The horsehair did nicely too!x

It's irresdescent and when the light catches it "just so" the "mother 0f pearliness" shows up.

Happy Experimenting !!! Chae


Sister Creek Potter said...

Oh, Chae, You are awesome--and so is your pot! Congratulations.

chaetoons said...

Thank you very much Gay.
All of this happened in my efforts to find a "red" !!!
Yesterday fired a small bowl which turned out very much like this one and today . . . .
Guess what?
Am trying for red! Today's effort is using potassium bichromate, tin oxide and fluorspar. Am a little nervous about using the fluorspar but Parmalee says under 4% should be ok. Obstler (Out of the Earth) seconds the 4% - so am trying it out . . .

cynthia said...

Congratulations! I agree, beautiful colors...

chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
Expected reds of the last 2 firings haven't happened. Am busy cracking the books trying to find a solution.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

clayartist said...

That's what I love about pots--they always keep you guessing.

Really interesting results! You keep going, Girl.

chaetoons said...

Thanks Clayartist
Appreciate the good words. Am still trying for reds (without copper reduction)
This morning have a bowl in kiln with 1.33 Barium, 2.5 Tin and a dot of Chrome Oxide which gives cranberry in other glazes + temps. We'll see how it does with this method . . . .

LeighWhitaker said...

Very nice! I love horsehair pots.

Anonymous said...

Hallo da mit ein Grüsse Gott vom Deutschland! Wir leiben deine internet seite and auch dein wunderbarliche geschirr. Die gefelht mir viel späss! Bis später, tuis

einer Sullivan

chaetoons said...

Thanks Leigh
The horsehair is fun to do! Easy too.
Will - Thanks for the kind words about the tableware.

JafaBrit's Art said...

oooh, this is really beautiful :) Just thought I would pop in and say hi as it's been a while. Hope all is well with you.

chaetoons said...

Jafa !!!
SO neat to hear from You !!!
Haven't been online much lately as my computors have been a bit on the contrary side plus this new process takes a bit more time every day. So only pop on quickly to check messages.
REPEAT: it's good to hear from you and believe it or not, i've missed you.