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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Computors and kilns seem to be the bane of my existence lately.
Come to think of it -- they are both electric.
Perhaps it's the electricity that's baneful.
Have spent all afternoon trying to offload these photos from the camera to the computor.
After every two photos the computor shuts itself off.
Which is one of the reasons i've not been online much lately. It's just too frustrating.
However - by hook or crook - did get these 4 photos postable.

xx x

Was looking for crystals - hoping one of y'all would see what i could not . . . .
Anyone see
Anything that even remotely looks like "crystals" ???

And that strangely colored lid? Stark and shiney blue? It's the very same glaze that's on the rest of the pot. How did that happen?
Ah sure now - it's time for supper.
And i still have to cook it !!!
Happy crystal hunting


cynthia said...

How interesting that the lid is cobalt and the body is mottled. Did you do a combination of glazes on the body and not the top?

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia
That may have been the case.
The process was new to me and the hour was late when i decided to try it and then too, usually program the kiln the night before i'm going to fire - so a lot was going on.
The glaze on the inside of the pot is one that contains no lead and it too is a new one (geared to earthenware temps).
But am pretty sure the lid was glazed with the outside glaze - may not have put the second zinc glaze on it. Bummer.
Have a greatest day

chaetoons said...

Cynthia !!!
Figuring you were absolutely right!
Examined the lid in further detail and realizing that if the zinc oxide/custer hadn't been put overtop, the rest of the pot would have looked quite different with little white specks which while technically "are" crystals are not the double axe-heads i had in mind. So the zinc was absolutely necessary. (Not that those were achieved either, but am guessing that's a matter of timing - only soaked the pot for 2 hours instead of 4.)
THANKS a whole bunch for your observation. It helped!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I think your teapot is fabulous!

chaetoons said...

YOU are a Blessing !!! I needed to hear that.
Sure wish it had had at least one crystal though . . . .