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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nother New Addition

These 4 pix are of the pot done today using more or less the same method as Tuesday. Except this time i used a different glaze.
Applied a glaze of: 80% Gerstley Borate + 20% Custer Feldspar on the inside. On the outside used the same with the addition of 1.25 [1/8th tsp] of Copper Carb.
Tried using more sugar today. Also sprayed Lightly.
On one side using Ferric Chloride:
The other side using Stannous Chloride.
Over all of this sprayed a mist of Bismuth Subnitrate.
Then put it in barrel with straw, cherry wood chips, salt and copper sulfate.
Have never done this before and am afraid it smoked more than burned.
Couldn't see any positive benefits of this last step as i was trying for copper reds.
Probably should have drilled holes in the barrel near the bottom to draw air. One of my projects for tomorrow so next time we'll be sure to get a good fire burning !!!
Happy experimenting days

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