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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coupl'a Photos

OK Folks
Here's some pix of these weeks' work. Have a few more which will be posted in the near future however have to download Photoshop onto this computer so it may take them a day or two to appear. Or who knows, they may appear sooner than i think.

So here we go . . . .
This is pretty much what the bowl looks like. When it's turned this-a-way-and-that, the rouge color displays the luminous energy of pearlized colors. In the next pix, i darkened it just a little bit trying to show the irisdescence a wee bit better.
Discovered today, it's really tricky to photograph "irisdescence"!!!
In real life, the gold really shimmers.
Was delighted with this photo as the glimmering colors show well
Seen from a different perspective, the top of the handle glitters gold !!!
Here you can see the silver,
gold and iridescence.
Have discovered that these pieces are best viewed in bright sunlight where if they are turned one way they shine golden. Held differently, they shimmer silver. Tilted "just right" -- and all the irisdescence plays upon the light rays.
Hopin' y'all are enjoying the happy irisdescent days of summer


cynthia said...

The red in the mug is gorgeous! You're really working hard aren't you??

chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
Can't take credit on the red however. The mug was one of my experimental glazes which didn't work and was trying to rescue it. Used Amaco Luster Burgundy over the previous glaze and was tickled with the results. The stannous chloride fuming over the Amaco Lusters works wonders !!!