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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Checking in this morning to see what y'all are doing. It appears as if most everyone posted to their blogs yesterday.
Me? I spent the day trying my best to celebrate one of my sons' birthday and make it a happy occasion for him.

Good news?
You betcha.
Actually sold my first pottery piece a few days ago !!!
Was tickled pink !!!
And the neatest thing about it is: the very sweetest gal bought it as a birthday gift for her Mother. She'll always have a special place in my heart.

Have a greatest day everyone


Sister Creek Potter said...

Wel, Chae, I guess that makes you a professional potter! Congratulations! I guess you are still firing in your grill? How will you do it outside? Will you be close enough to the kiln? Does sound like fun and looks great, too!

chaetoons said...

That's going to be quite a challenge Gay -- because of the weather, have been using the fuming technique. When the weather clears am going to try the other techniques and getting the pieces from the kiln to the outside is a puzzle i'm still trying to solve !!!
In fact, it was one of the fumed pieces that sold!
Yep! A "professional" potter! Sounds great, doesn't it !!!

cynthia said...

Congratulations, Chae!

chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
It sure was a good feeling!


Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...
That is a favorite that I've been doing variations on for a few years!!!!