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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Non Pottery Discourse

Have been at odds and ends this week.
Didn't try to fire the electric kiln Monday. Even though daytime temps were warm enough, nightime temps were down around 5°F. The poor little ole electric house heators have a dickens of a time trying to keep the house warm under normal conditions. And they sure don't seem to feel that heating the garage in addition to the house is a "normal condition".
Didn't try to fire the kiln Tuesday, as the inauguration was being broadcast and i darn sure wanted to see every minute of such a historic event. It wasn't even a viable choice. Sitting in front of the Paragon electric kiln out in the garage to catch the exact moment it decided to malfunction? Or watching a once-in-a-lifetime national event!
Have been waiting all week for the propane gas company man to come out and set the pressure higher at the tank so i can try to use the gas kiln. Thought perhaps he'd come today and didn't want to be distracted trying to pay attention to him and the malfunctioning Paragon kiln. So. Didn't fire today either. Besides, overnight temps were down around 4°F.
Yep! Here it is Wednesday and i've been at 6's and 7's all week.
On the plus side of this equation - the weather during the daytime has been extraordinarily sunny and warm!!! Wonderful.


cynthia said...

I've had a whole lot of non pottery days lately. I'd love to get back in there tomorrow, but I'm subbing.

I also watched the inauguration, but I did my quarterly taxes at the same time....

chaetoons said...

Hi Cynthia
Hopefully, i'll be firing tomorrow. At least get something done this week.
If i was as focused on the pottery this winter as i was on that inauguration, i'd have gotten a whole lot more done.
Exciting, wasn't it?!!!