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Thursday, January 8, 2009

From The Kiln

Yesterday's efforts didn't come out too badly! Amazing.
If one looks with a discerning eye, one can see a Bird of Paradise.
With my pottery deco i've learned to do that, you know. Show folks the smallest, little ole nanometer of space on an item and say: "See! See! Do you the see the old and venerated Chinese Buddha fellow standing in front of the knarled tree with the Chinese village behind him?"
Thank goodness, i usually run into folks with an imagination as vivid as mine!

Yesterday's firing went along pretty well. The kiln only quit once at 2128°F. When temps reached 2100°F, i bundled up in snowboots, winter parka, scarf and sat out in the garage, intently watching the digital readout. So! Was able to catch the fail notice right away and reset the programmer. Finished firing at 5:59pm exactly.
Put another load in at 6am this morning, configuring that yesterday's bowl had cooled sufficiently after 12 hours respite.
Weatherman promised that today's temperatures would be in the high 40's, but the rest of the week, tho sunny, will be in the teens. Maybe reach 20 degrees. So! It was fire today, or wait for another warming trend.
Would-a posted more photos of this bowl, except somehow i shot all of them with the lens cap on! Tend to do stuff like that when i've only had 8 hours sleep in a 48 hour segment of time.
Ah well . . . . hope everyone has an alert, joyfully wakeful and prosperous day.


mk said...

it's beautiful! i love the colors & the shapes.

lucky you, a sunny week coming up!

is your pup a wheaton terrier?

chaetoons said...

Thanks Marianne
With glazes it's always "iffy". You think they're going to do one thing and they do quite another!
Pasha is a Yorkie. Love of my life. And the cockateil (Kama) runs a close second. But only because she thinks she's a dog!

mk said...

must be the angle that makes pasha look bigger- a cutie pie!

chaetoons said...

Good Mornin' Marianne !!!
I'm feelin' a bit more "awake" this morning!
Didn't quite put the pieces together last night - but yes! you are right. The dog in the picture is much bigger! He was an Irish Sheepdog named Amoure, and he, too, was the love of my life. A wonderful spirit who joined the afterlife approximately 4-5 years ago. I cried so hard when he passed over.
Guess i should change the picture, eh? But vanity plays an important part here - it's one of the very few "good" photos of me!

mk said...

irish sheepdog, huh? don't know that breed- will have to check it out, being a herding dog person.... i lost 2 longtime companions 2 years ago and cried and cried- still do, sometimes. the 2 who came to me after that will make me equally sad when they leave....they're all loves as far as i can tell!

and- at least your most flattering pic is more recent than a baby photo :)

chaetoons said...

Marianne, i would highly recommend Irish Sheepdogs! They are the gentlest breed, most loving and most willing to please (altho Yorkies are too!). But they really are big, like humongous, dogs. Near the end he had a stroke but i wasn't ready to part with him. Then found i couldn't lift him into the old claw-footed tub once or twice per day. He was actually heavier than i was!
The breed has a marvelous sense of humor and Amouri and i had great fun together.
Ah well . . . Pasha, the Yorkie, came along shortly after and i've enjoyed her tremendously too.