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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Be Censored? Or Not . . . .

Was reading Carole Epps's blog this morning. and her December 2, 07 column "Controversy of Contextualising" about Leopold Foulem's work caught my eye.

All of this leads to the question: Do you self-censor your work if you think the content/concept will be received by the viewer in a negative way?

And: Is self-censoring of "confrontational imagery" a valid use our artistic talents?



Cynthia said...

I haven't felt the need to self censor my art work - since I haven't put anything in there that would potentially offend.

I have had to censor blog posts however.

chaetoons said...

I'm still struggling to create regular cups, teapots, etc., so to date i haven't created anything controversial either.
But i did think Carole Epp's thoughts on self-censoring were intriguing as it led me to wonder if self-censoring would also be self-inhibiting and rather a strangulation of the creative and imaginative process . . . .