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Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis The Season

Merry Christmas to one and All
Hope your pottery endeavors of 2007 were a success and that those successes are doubled, tripled, quadrupled and even better than that in 2008.
May all the JOY of the Season be upon you.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Chae, Nice to meet you--and your blog! It looks like you offer a LOT of interesting 'stuff' and I shall enjoy keeping up with you in the new year. I just checked the video's for the double walled tea pot. Very nice--I shall have to give it a try, too!

chaetoons said...

Susan Ting makes this look so easy!
However, i have yet to be successful with the technique!
On Tim See's rims & lips, he shows a similar strategy for making a double-walled lip and this is easier.
I am so glad you came to visit. And am hoping you have a GREAT New Year's.