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Friday, December 7, 2007

Videos Worth Watching

Found an absolutely absorbing 2-part video series by Ron Dahline, titled "Reflections in Mud". He demos how to make character mugs. His techniques and finished pieces are far different than mine. He seems to know what he's doing while i am usually guessing. These videos were the treasured "find" of the week for me. Hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as i have.

Also found Susan Ting's video series on "How to Make Double-Walled Pottery Vessels". Beneath the bio of Susan are links to each segment of the series. She makes this look so easy! And her finished piece is awesome! This is a technique i'd dearly love to learn. So after watching the series through twice, was quite prepared for success. Into the pottery room, clay on the wheel and began. I now have several nicely rounded pots, sitting in the wet/dry box.
None of which are double-walled.
This technique is a lot harder than Susan makes it appear . . . .

Tim See has 2 videos that i found helpful. One is on rims and lips.
and the other is about faceting:

Happy viewing

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