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Saturday, December 8, 2007


When you sit down at the wheel to throw a cup, casserole dish, vase, bowl, plate . . . . you've gathered everything you need, wedged the clay and are ready to begin . . . . . . . do you feel more creative - if previously - you've been drinking your coffee or tea from an exceptionally unique cup? One that stimulates the imagination?


girl. said...

randomly stumbled on your blog. i don't work with clay--in fact, i'm not an artist at all--but your question is really interesting. i think a parallel can be found in writing one's best work after reading something particularly insightful, which is often the case. then again, maybe we're all just feeling most creative after putting some caffeine through our bloodstream. :)

chaetoons said...

Hello Girl
Glad you found Clay Gallimaufry !!! Indeed, it seems you ARE an artist at the piano, and i'll bet in other areas too.
Glad to have you aboard and enjoyed your comments.

Anonymous said...

Drinking out of a super-cool mug or cup makes me feel special and self-confident!