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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Work In Progress


This little puppy survived the bisque firing. When it went into the kiln, the lid fit perfectly. However, the lid warped a bit during the process. Am tickled pink the pot bisqued well, but bummed out about the lid.
Have been studying (trying to find info on) firing in high altitudes. 6000-7000 feet. There's not much information on the web about this subject.
Thought perhaps, preheating pieces before putting them into the kiln might work. Spent most of last evening trying to revamp a wire birdcage so it would fit atop the woodstove. Add a shelf and surround it with tin foil and Walla! A mini oven . . . .
However, i'm not particularly handy when it comes to projects like this and by 11pm gave up in frustration.
My batting average for pieces surviving the glost-firing lately has been nil. (Think the altitude may have something to do with this.) Plus, it's been truly exhausting. As soon as the previous day's pieces come out of the kiln, i prepare to fire again the next day. Set the alarm for 6am, turn the lights out and fall asleep by 2am. At exactly 3:16am, my eyes pop open, thoughts are in full gear and i'm wide awake. An hour and a half's sleep just isn't going to cut the ice, so try to fall back to sleep. At 4am, i give up the ghost, get up and start the kiln. Yep! A truly exhausting schedule.
Hey! Hope you are having a great weekend.
Me? My elbow is propped on the desktop holding my head in an upright position while i pretend to be awake. Can hardly wait til tomorrow to see what comes out of the kiln . . . .


Ann said...

Hello "chaetoons"...I'm glad you liked my teapot and bothered to tell me so. Was going to respond in my blog but thought you might not go back and see my comment...
BTW, some woman in Utah is getting it for Christmas; her son bought it for her.

You have a fascinating blog- I'm just getting started looking at it.
I like your picture-great style (I thought you had huge fluffy hair and realized it's your DOG, or maybe two...


chaetoons said...

Hi Ann
Loved your teapot. Thought it was unique and well done.
My internet has been out for a bit due to the company selling more ips addresses than they had! So haven't been able to get back to you as soon as i would have liked.
Yes! That's my favorite dog, Amoure. He and i were quite a team.
Hey! Have a great day and a Merry Christmas.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm enjoying yours. I like your face mugs. I've wanted to try some myself. I'm going to watch those YOU TUBE links you provided. Thanks again!


chaetoons said...

Hi Natalie
The Ron Dahline demos (Parts 1 & 2) should really help you with creating face mugs. I found his videos after i'd already done the ones shown here but after Christmas will rewatch them and add some of his techniques to my "style".
I am so glad you visited and i enjoyed your site tremendously!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas