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Monday, December 31, 2007

Not Exactly Idle

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This is one of the latest to come out of the kiln. Perhaps, y'all remember when the bisque photo appeared. Since i lose so many pieces to the glaze firing, there's usually a long delay tween the time they are bisqued then glostfired. However, i'm getting braver. Discovering that they can be dremeled, sanded, Aztec'd, reglazed and refired has given me courage to get some of these pieces off the "hold" table and into the finished pieces cabinet. The lady wore an intensely blue hat the first time she was glazed and fired. This turned a lovely shade of lavender (all by itself) upon exiting the 2nd glaze fire.
The cup still isn't quite right, so am going to try for a 3rd firing soon. Am hoping the hat doesn't decide to change color again!

This is a teapot in the making. If one looks through the slit near the bottom, daylight can be seen on the other side. That, of course, isx - xif it isn't nighttime when you glance through the aperature.
Had fun creating this one. In fact, got so involved in making it and was so focused in getting the proportions just to my liking that i failed to consider how large it was getting.

Darn thing won't fit in my electric kiln !!!

Soon the snow will melt (ok. that might be a day or two) and i can get out to the kiln room and fire up the gas beasti but i have a hunch this teapot isn't going to be fired until way into the new year.

Speaking of New Years -- here's wishing you all the very best in this coming New Year. Am hopin' and prayin' that all your desires come to fruition and that it's the very best year ever!
Happy New Years!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Chae, I was admiring your face mug and teapot-too-big-to-fire while you were sending the New Year wish! I was trying to find the words for my envy of your freedom in your work! It looks so exciting. Have a great New Year and Happy Potting! Gay

chaetoons said...

Good Mornin' Gay
Thank you for your wonderfully kind words on the character mug and the teapot.
Was trying to do a series on romance and marriage by putting the double faces on one cup. Unity and harmony - that whole concept.
Ah! The first day of the new year and the sun is shining brightly. Wonderful!
Have a great day.