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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Serenade of the New Year

And Yes! This teapot is a serenade. A song in my heart. For it's the first piece of the year x-xtook it out of the kiln just a short bit ago x-x and it's a success story!

It may not be Spode, Dresden, Limoges nor Wedgwood but in my eyes, at this point in time, it's a wonderful piece of pottery to start out the New Year.

And it pours without dripping an unwanted drop!

Now, as usual, i ought-a complain about something. Thus the complaint: my photo does not do the delightful little teapot justice. In real life, it's actually prettier than it appears in the pix!

So without further ado here's my first contribution to the new year . . . .



Cynthia said...

Cool teapot- Chae! I find photography to be the most challenging aspect of my clay adventures.

Happy New Year!

chaetoons said...

Thanks Cynthia
On the photography - my camera has a quirky personality. When photographing pieces that aren't all that great, the camera does a beautiful job of making them seem better than they are.
But on pieces which are a wee bit better, the camera decides to deflate my ego, washes out the color saturation and throws stuff into the background that, i swear, weren't there when i clicked the shutter!
So far, it is a happy new year. Two additional pieces have survived the glaze fire!
And you know, i'm wishin' you the best new year's ever, also!