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Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick Note

I think the problem is solved!
The last few days, my computer has been acting up or as the case may be not acting up to par.
In my efforts to solve this situation, i've removed the chatroom. Sorry about that but am trying to get stuff down to a minimal level.
That's all for tonight, folks.


Cynthia said...

awe, you removed your chat room? It was fun while it lasted!

Bottles are one of my very favorite forms to throw.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Cynthia !!!
Yes. The chatroom is history. We were having a tremendous snow storm here (all roads closed) and at first, i thought it was just the internet malfunctioning due to weather.
However, tech rep walked me thru the process of checking this (on the phone) and determined the DSL was working perfectly to the house. It was either the router or the computor. Bypassed the router and started eliminating all "drains" on the computor system for this only happened when i was online. The chatroom had to go.
That longnecked bottle i was to tickled with - pictured below turned out to be about 2-3 inches thick after it dried! Finally took a hack saw trying to remove some of the bottom !!!
Hey! Have a great day!

Jeffrey Stock said...

I've enjoyed your blog. Thanks for checking out mine, too. I've linked to yours from

chaetoons said...

Oh Jeffrey !!!
Welcome. Am so glad you came by.
I love your blog! It's clever, witty, warm and adds a certain pizzazz to the day after reading your columns.

JosieJurczenia said...

Sorry the chat room is no longer. It was very cool.
It's fun to see your throwing process.Love your blog.

chaetoons said...

Thanks Josie
For the past 2 days have been shoveling snow!
However, by late afternoon the UPS truck got through white-out road conditions to deliver an order.
New ribs and a throwing stick. Am just itching to get to the wheel and try everything out.
Have a great and wonderful day!

JafaBrit's Art said...

sheesh, I just came here to chat and there is no chat :( But I understand, so I will chat this way.

chaetoons said...

Would have loved chatting with you Jafa !!!
Perhaps when i get a stronger computer we can try for a chatroom then - but that may be awhile!
Strangely, i'm not sure the chatroom had anything to do with my computer's downtime - but shortly after uploading it the temporary internet settings index.dat developed a problem with its clusters.
Not being a tech wiz, i'm not sure what that means but i know it causes headaches!
Sorry i missed you Jafa!