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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Free Rice

Was over on the forum and a couple of people mentioned this site:
The gist of the site is that for every word one defines correctly (multiple choice), 20 grains of rice is donated by the advertizers listed at the bottom of the box through the United Nations World Food Program to hungry people.
I'm hoping this is true for i played long enough to donate 1000 grains of rice and, of course, will return each day to donate more.

A few months ago, when the new wheel arrived, a situation suddenly arose of trying to keep the clay on the bat.
Dealt with it xx--xx but not effectively.
Some days the clay would center and stay put. Other days the clay would center, then slide right off the bat. Those are the days i'd be chewing nails and swearing a blue streak under my breath.
Could lead to violence you know. Slapping that clay down harder and then harder still on the poor defenseless bat.
Friday was a slip-slide-slidity day.
Yet Friday night brought daylight at the end of the tunnel. And Saturday, there was no trouble a'tall with slidity clay.
Here's my solution . . .
Took a wad of clay and smeared it with a flat-edged rib onto the bat with the wheel speed set on "fast". Continued this process, pushing down and smoothing with the rib, until it was a nice flat moist pancake and was firmly attached.
Then . . .
Centered my clay atop the pancake. Worked like a charm. Don't know why i didn't think of this months ago.
Happy Mudding

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