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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wonderously Whole


EEE-Haw !!! The bowl above came out of the first glaze fire in perfect condition AND the glaze did exactly what i expected it to do !!! Now you can't beat that with a stick . . . .

This next bowl - again fired well. Am pleased about that.
However . . . .
Am just not certain about the red strips in the bottom. Was trying for an "impressionistic" style and hadn't a clue the red would dominate the overall design.
Does the red bother anyone else as badly as it bothers me?
I cringe at the thought of refiring this puppy.
Still . . . .


JafaBrit's Art said...

No, red doesn't bother me :)

I have heard that a glaze coming out of the kiln just as you expected is almost a miracle. I don't do ceramics but I have friends who do and oh, the lamentations I hear from them in that regard.

chaetoons said...

Jafa !!!
That is me !!!
Lamentations galore . . . the glazes for the most part don't meet up with my expectations (i have visions of them coming out beautifully colored and they don't), or the pot cracks (there should be some kind of pun in that!) or . . .
Thanks for your feedback on the red. It quite ruins the bowl for me. One of my sons looked at it and said the red didn't bother him at all. Another of my sons looked at it and echoed my dismay at the red strips. I'm truly in doubt as to whether to refire the bowl. Yet am so pleased that it is whole - without cracks - and afraid if i refire i'll ruin it altogether. Sigh . . . .
Hey! Have a great day.