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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Marketing Snippet

Below is a quote lifted directly from Ron Philbeck's site:
It is one of his methods (philosophies) of marketing.
"Still though I have had a desire to draw on pots for a number of reasons. I'm not sure that one of the reasons is a good one to admit but here it is: People/customers are drawn first to pots with an image/pattern. They see that first. Most anyhow. Then maybe they see the form. So I have thought I'd do better financially if I made pots with images. Yuck. Okay I'm human. The hard part is doing this in a way that one can live with. Making pots that feed my soul and still sell. Being happy with the deco. , form, firing etc. That should be the main goal. And really I have proven that I can do what I want and sell pots. I rarely do things for the sake of others. I make what I like and then educate my customers to why it's good. Then they get it and they come back for more."
Plus (reading the whole Jan. 17th post, re: Thoughts/Thursday) he also mentions that: "The funny thing is that I sell to very few galleries. Most of my work is sold from home."

Will post more marketing snippets later when and as i find them. Am really determined to learn what works well for others in marketing their work, and what techniques and strategies they use.

In the meantime, have a great and glorious weekend.

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