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Monday, January 14, 2008

Free Rice Update

After posting last night, returned to the free rice site. And this morning googled it to see what others think of the program.
It always surprizes me to find that some topic i'm totally ignorant about, has been around awhile, is well-known by other folks and much talked about by a multitude of people! Amazing.

One of my new-found resolutions is: by the end of this year to have donated xx--xx Wait. Wait. My calculator is somewhere close by xx -- xx 728000 grains of rice. That's 2000 grains per day. (Got a headstart last night for i played until i reached 4000.)

One of the topics most talked about (re: free rice) is the scoring. It seems 50 is the highest obtainable. That's from the top of our heads, folks. Not aided by a dictionary. My highest so far is 46, but having reached that, kept sliding backwards. Words like hebetudinous throw me for a loop! And some words are so deceiving. Like sanguineous. Who would-a thought it means bloodthirsty? I've always thought it meant a "wise old fello"!

Found some neat new blogs while researching Free Rice. One of which is:
The fellow, Jeffrey Stock, has quite a sense of humor and i enjoyed several of his columns tremendously.
I love humor. Don't you?

Have a character mug in the kiln undergoing a glaze firing. So have sort-of, kind-a been "working" since early this morning. But now it's well past time to actually get to work and throw some pots. My only excuse for starting so late in the day is that i usually work until 10pm - midnight.
Happy Mudding Folks

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