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Sunday, February 3, 2008


I may have mentioned that when i first started firing pottery, my kiln was very small. Anything taller than 4 inches was too large to fit in the kiln! And, too, only one pot could be fired at a time.

This past Fall, bought 2 new kilns. The big gas one is out in the "kiln room", which is approximately 30 feet from the house. Currently, there is four-feet of snow between it and the house with drifts well-nigh chest-level high. (Out on the street, snow drifts are perhaps 8-10 feet tall.) Firing the gas kiln will have to wait for Spring.

The other kiln, a Paragon electric, has an 11-inch interior depth, and is located in the enclosed back porch utility room. This is the one i've been using for the past several months.

My plans (in the Fall) were that with the increased kiln space, i could fire many pieces at the same time. (And, going from 4 inches to 11 inches seemed like a huge increase in space at the time!)
Some subconscious psychological nemesis took hold and gleefully guided my hands at the wheel when i threw the new pots. The vessels increased in size. Got bigger and bigger. Now, i can barely fit them into the kiln. And, can only fire one at a time.

Which leads me to believe: Creativity increases in direct proportion to available space!


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