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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Short Note

Spent most all day glazing pots.

Had such great success with Friday's glostfire, that it seemed imperative to use the same glaze again right away to see if the first success was repeatable OR if it was a fluke. Sincerely hope that it's repeatable for instead of doing just one (which is how i usually test for results) did up several items which are ready to go into the kiln tomorrow morning at 6am.

Have been having the dickens of a time with plates. Pesky plates. Either the bottom is too thin when i throw them and they crack while a-dryin' or they go into the bisque fire perfectly fine but crack before done.

As was the case today. Had loaded the kiln nearly as full as space would permit. Fired the kiln yesterday and when i opened it today, the bowls were all fine. The plate cracked. I've avoided attempting plates until recently because i thought they would have a challenge factor of zero. Just whup it out and fire.


Big news of the last several days: was trying to throw a double-walled pot and came up with a new invention !!! A chip and dip bowl, right? Was in a hurry when i snapped the pixs so unfortunately it doesn't show to its best advantage. (Has really graceful lines when seen from the front.
xx xxx
Well folks. I'm off to bed.
Pleasant dreams everyone . . . .


JafaBrit's Art said...

oh that is very niveous at the moment ;)

and graceful.

chaetoons said...

Thanks Jafa
Was really tired last night as i quickly grabbed a photo of it. It's better from the front !!!