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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Straw Bowl

OK folks. Listen up. And Look See. This is serious!
(ok - so Dick and Jane were prominent in my kindergarten experience!)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Normally, i wouldn't bore you with 4 pictures of the same bowl on a Sunday morning. There's a possibility y'all haven't even gotten back from church services yet. But Sunday is a day of rejoicing . . . .

And Boy! xxxxxAm i Rejoicing!

The bowl in these photos is colored with a homegrown glaze !!!

Not only is it smooth to the touch with no scarped areas, but the colors please me mightily. A vivid blueberry blue, and a peacock olive green. The "red" did fade, giving the barest hint of rose-colored clouds in a white sky.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And the straw yellow is flecked with minute shades of brown. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

But what pleases me most is . . . . the chemicals combined to give the intended color.

Took it out of the kiln late last night and could hardly wait til today to share it with you!
Happy Sunday

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