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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Turquoise Anyone?

Am just kind-a really pleased with this little creamer !!!
Notice around the top -- there's some pale turquoise. If anyone knows how that managed to occur, please clue me in ??? xxx Used 1% tin oxide with Rhodes #18 base glaze and #15 over all.
Applied 2 coats of the base with tin to the whole creamer before applying the coloring oxides for the flowers, etc.
Have tried to achieve turquoise intentionally, but haven't succeeded yet; so imagine my frustration to achieve it accidently without knowing how this happened !!!

Bragging here a little bit -- Day-before-yesterday, i threw a double-walled pot !!! Was so tickled, i tried for a second one. Should-a quit while i was ahead, eh?

Am dying of curiosity. Have 2 bowls in the kiln. Fired them yesterday but can't check them until 3pm today. (That's a whole hour and a half to wait !!!) Tried out a whole slew of new coloring oxides to see what effects they would have. Am basically still trying for a red and an orange. Seem to have yellow, blue, green, lavender and mustard pretty well down at this point in time, although still need to figure out various "shades & tones" of these colors.

Happy glazing day

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