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Monday, February 4, 2008

This N' That

Had a rather fine day today. Was tickled with all that got accomplished. One of those rare Mondays when everything went well.
Started the morning throwing long-necked pots, a plate and an ugly jug which will have to be redone. Perhaps, it can still become something other than more clay added to the reclaim scraps heap.
Ought-a mention that last week in the snow storm (when all the roads were closed) the UPS driver delivered my order of tools. Ribs and such. Naturally, shortly after they arrived, i saw a photo of a handy-dandy rib which, needless to say, hadn't been ordered and wasn't in the delivery. The more i thought about that rib, the more i just had to have it . . . .
This afternoon, located my jigsaw, sander, drill and wood carving tools; selected one of the smaller logs from the woodstove pile; and began making a rib !!!
It only took me 3 hours to creat this neat little puppy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Best of all worlds - it works just as i imagined it would.
There's a bowl a-glazin' in the kiln. Am trying a Bailey formula with Chae additions. It's going to be extremely difficult to wait til 2-3pm tomorrow to see how the glaze calculations translate to color.
Yesterday evening opened the bisque fired load. Generally, wait 20 hours after turning the kiln off to check the pots. Saturday, i'd put several in and (a first for me with this kiln) finagled a kiln shelf with even more items. Now i've read, several times, that when the kiln is filled more than usual, it takes longer to cool. And in truth, i did wait for 21 hours before checking it. But i'd forgotten the rule and all the pots were still really warm. Ooopps!
Am happy to report, this one turned out great.
Late afternoon. The day had gone so well, i decided to experiment and try to throw lids off the hump. Haven't attempted this before. Threw about 6 of them from approximately 1 pound of clay (at least i'd guess it was a pound). And was so excited about the outcome that i immediately took photos of them to post here. Maybe a description of the lids will give you a clue why none of the lids photographed are posted. Threw a mushroom-shaped hollow ball on top of a long tapered stem. Set them upright on the stem to dry. In the photos, they look like . . . . ahem! . . . . well, they look like . . . .
You'll just have to take my word for it - throwing lids is a brand new passion of mine!
Well folks, it's off to the pottery room to trim out today's pots.
Happy Mudding


Cynthia said...

Very cool rib, Chae - you're a Renaissance woman! I'm not sure I've ever tried making my own tools before, though I may have re-appropriated something or another.

I will soon have 3 kilns when the new 7.6 cu gets delivered - and my husband is asking if I'm going to sell my old paragon, which is 2.6 cu - I'm being greedy and want to keep them all!

chaetoons said...

Good Mornin' Cynthia !!!
Yesterday was a discombobbled day! Super Tuesday and all that.

Believe me. I wouldn't have tried to make a rib either. Except i have such trouble making feet (have ruined several pots trying to do "feet") that when it came across my consciousness that a rib shaped like this would eliminate the need for feet - felt i just had to have one!
Oh! Do keep them all Cynthia! (The kilns.) It's not being "greedy". It's expanding your level of creativity! Sides that - it gives you the chance to share kiln space without sacraficing your own. Look at it as benefiting the community !!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I like the faces on the lids, tickles my fancy that does :) or let's say "shagadelic".

chaetoons said...

Love that word, Jafa
Was doing the free rice just now and came across the word: niveous. Wish i'd had it in my vocabulary when i was writing the post on Time Lapse !!!
For a while there, if i took time out to watch a show or two on tv (especially like the new show "Eli Stone") - i'd carve faces while watching the program.
Suddenly, had all these faces !!!
Then, trying to figure out what to do with them . . .
Glad they tickle your fancy. I was kind-a pleased with the effect too.