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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ancient Artist

Good Sunday Morning to you folks!
Have you caught the Sunday Salon over on Sue Smith's site yet? Have been following her blog, , for several months now and find it to be a collation of insightful, interesting and mentally stimulating ideas about the art world in general and modern artists specifically. (There's a lot of other information worth considering there also!)

Sue has extraordinary perception of and sensitivity towards ascending artists and presents them to us served up as a platter of exquisite vignettes. In her blog, she represents the intermediate between created art and the artist; and, she does this well.

But don't be fooled by the facade of what you are seeing initially !!! Sue Smith, herself, is an exceptionally talented artist.

She has that rare talent of creating not a "painting" but of creating an experience in which the viewer becomes emotionally involved and finds the landscape before him to be an intricate part of himself.

Follow her link: 'Sue Smith Fine Art: Paintings from the Oregon Outback' (found in the right hand column) and you will see what i mean.

Her 'Cattle Station Oregon Outback ' is to die for!

Her oils and brushwork bring style, line and balance to landscapes creating an atmosphere of inner harmony between man and his environment.
Her command of the tonal values of color is awesome.
She captures the spirit and the mood -- the very essence -- of the land.
And . . . .
Invites us all to walk into the silent poetry of the Oregon outback.



Sister Creek Potter said...

I enjoyed my visit to Sue Smith's site and especially enjoyed the interview with you! Got to know you a bit better! Very nice. gay

chaetoons said...

Thank You Gay !!!
It tickled me when Sue asked me to do the interview.
But chiefly, i wanted folks to see Sue's art. Awesome, isn't it !!!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, Chae, Sue's work is lovely. I should have mentioned that myself--but you said it so well at the end of your blog--nothing left for me to say--except that it did speak to me also. Gay

chaetoons said...

Sure now Gay, an' haven't i read someplace that the work of great artists attracts the attention of other great artists !!!
I'm pretty fond of YOUR work, also, you know!
Think i got so absorbed in the mood of Sue's Cattle Station that i couldn't help but rhapsodize . . . .