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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Types of Inspiration

Cynthia Guajardo's post on her blog yesterday posed the question: How do you start a new project?

This morning woke up thinking about that.
What motivates me? Or "inspires" new pieces? New work?
There are four methods i currently use. At least, consciously.

(Early Morning. Room is lighter than it appears in the photo. Sitting in front of the window sketching)

(1) Generally bring my coffee and cigs into the pottery room, put my feet up on the worktable and start sketching. Just letting the pencil doodle along as it pleases. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Suddenly, a thought occurs (this morning's was: clouds. I'd like to creat pottery clouds!) and i jump up, zip out to the kitchen to pummel some clay, back to the pottery room, sit down at the wheel and create.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Not exactly a cloud, you say!

(2) If Winter blues hold me in their thrall, i sit down at the computer first thing. Touch base with others, (however nebulously one can "touch base" on a computer!), then zip over to youtube and watch pottery videos (usually Simon Leach's). Find a new technique not tried before, get inspired and zip into the pottery room to try it out. (I'm still a novice at the wheel . . . .)

(3) Instead of either of the above - i just start throwing. This generally leads to a lot of "failed" bowls. However, i've come to realize in these past months - a "failed" bowl is a great opportunity for creativity. Hmmm now, let's see what we can turn this into . . . .

(4) I start with a plan. "Today i'll throw 10 large juice pitchers." (It never turns out that way tho. The clay becomes too wet and collapses. Figuring i can still rescue the throw, turn these into bowls which if they collapse become plates. Or - just before the clay collapses, realize it's going to at any second and decide the shape and size are actually - a cup!
So goes the day when i start with "a plan". Have learned to avoid plans at all costs.

So that's it. Currently.
Repeating Cynthia's question: What motivates You? Where do you find inspiration?

Happy inspiration to you.


Cynthia said...

I love seeing other people's workspaces - thanks for sharing. I am really inspired by the kid's in my clay class - they don't bring any baggage with them when they create something.

chaetoons said...

Cynthia !!! That is SO True !!! Little kids are so genuine and so loving!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Plans are not a good idea for me either, but if I want to do something I have a sketchbook to peruse with ideas I might want to implement, or doodle like you.

chaetoons said...

I used to keep a sketchbook !!! Loved to sit & sketch people. Landscapes. Yet, when i sketch "ideas" it comes out as the worst child's scribbling! Triggers a creative memory tho. . .
I think "doodling" activates the right brain creative side of our subconscious and allows us to disengage from the practical long enough to access the imaginative conceptual.
Or somesuch thing . . .