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Friday, November 30, 2007

Glaze Configurations

This just fascinates me!

Ian Currie developed a grid method for testing glazes, variants and gradients. The following link
( )
provides a method for designing a set of 35 glazes by the use of a recipe-based standard grid method. It's a systematic approach, varying Alumina and Silica which works out the flux material breakup, including colourants and opacifiers. This calculation page (which instantly provides 35 recipes per data entry) is definately an alternative to using glaze calculation programs such as Matrix, HyperGlaze and Insight.
) he gives an explanation of the four zones that result automatically when the alumina and silica are increased and decreased.
And the link to his guided tour ( color plates ) where he shows the results of each variation, square by square, is:

For anyone having trouble understanding and creating their own glazes, this is a "must-see" of valuable information.

Now for a special word of thanks to Chris Schafale who believes that: ". . . each of us can begin to change our lives and our world by our small, often seemingly insignificant actions"; it is she who led me to the Ian Currie links. Her site: Light One Candle is found at: ( ).

Her pottery and glazes are quite all right, too !!!

And she includes several pages of grid tests, ingredients, kiln times and temps of her own following the Ian Currie method at: ( ).

Happy Glazing folks

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