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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Finally !!!

Suddenly, i am capering around in ecstatic joy. It's been quite a while since that has occurred. In fact, it hasn't happened in such a very long time, that for the past few months, only negative, gloomy predictions have spouted from my mouth. I hate negative gloomy predictions.

Took the two pieces fired yesterday from the kiln about an hour ago. And now, i'm out of breath. From dancing around like a maniac, singing in joyous wonder at the very first braggable piece created in a whole year.

OK. So it didn't come out perfectly. And it's not saleable. (There's 2 tiny crack-like dents in the bottom . . . ) But it holds water and the glaze colors finally match the work !!!

Colors, I've discovered, are "iffy" affairs. The cup fired last week has "pretty" colors -- yet they don't align with the concept of the piece. One rather imagines that eyes must have color and mouths, too. At least, that's the way i saw it last week.

However, on today's face cup, i used a plain glaze throughout and by the grace of the spirits, it opalized wondrously! Hence forward, will use this technique as "my style". Have been waiting for one to occur -- a "my style". Finally, it arrived.

Am so very tickled. And am sharing my joy with y'all.

Have a great week.


1 comment:

Cynthia said...

Congratulations - and I can hear your joy by the tone of your voice. It's infectious!