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Monday, November 5, 2007

A Wok

Was over at Tony Clennell's blog a few moments ago and had a revelation! Usually try, at least once a day, to check out the latest of his excellent photos (posted regularly) of his China pottery experience. The photos are a real treasure.

But this evening! A brainstorm.

There have been posts recently on the CLAYART@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG forum on the pros & cons of using plastic bowls as molds. Actually didn't have any ideas on this topic a'tall, for i tend to use anything and everything which comes to hand when searching for mold material.

Generally, use nature's products. Leaves, pine cones, apple pits, etc. (Their use is not limited to molds either, for they help create great texture!) Indeed, not too long ago, one of my granddaughters wanted to know why i was lugging a tree branch home. The branch was knarled and twisted and oh! what a treasure. (I could just feel a piece of pottery coming on as i carried it triumphantly homeward bound.)

But i digress. Molds and Tony Clennell's photos. The 5th image down shows potters tools. Tony's "take" on the tools is the specialization of trade skills in China. And how limiting it is(gleaned from former posts). However, the first thing i saw, was not the handles, but the wok.

Hanging right there in front of God and everybody.

What a marvelous mold !!! These would be so easy to obtain from a thrift store, and rather inexpensive too. For those who like the hammered look, a wok would hold up under fierce pounding!

When the grandkids come, i know they're going to wonder why my living room is filled with woks . . . .


1 comment:

Cynthia said...

Good luck with your experimentation! I sometimes use a large plastic bowl, but it's more work than it's worth sometimes. It dries slowly and if I don't get it out early enough than it's lost. I've tried spraying it with pam, sprinkling in a little corn starch beforehand - and my lastest - a few strips of newspaper (but that leaves marks). But, it a very large bowl, a size that I have a hard time throwing.