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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Couple of Notes

Not sure about anyone else, but for myself when i'm zipping around the internet hunting for clay/pottery/glaze tutorials, it freezes the puddle water in my veins to click into a site and be assailed by someone else's concept of music.
Ought-a clarify here. I love music. Well . . . . i love most music.
I'm not quite sure there's a fondness in my heart for India flutes luring the snakes out of a basket, ( ) . . . . especially if i'm seeking information on how to create a Grecian vase. If any of you have found other "musical" pottery sites, post them in comments and we'll all check them out !!!
If you'
re interested in Native American pottery, this is a good site ( ). It has a clickable map which features Native American Pottery Locations. Each location leads to an info page picturing an example of pottery made by each tribe plus definitions and line drawings. Some short notes on interesting cultural aspects relating to their pottery.
For instance, the Jicarilla Apache people of Northern New Mexico believed that making pottery was women's work. The blurb doesn't say what the men were doing while the women played in mud . . . .

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hopi Pueblo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Have been trying to create a wedding vase for just about forever, however, the last time i tried, my kids (doubled over in laughter) teased me that i had created a "bong".

If i don't see you before the weekend - have a great week!


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