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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Latest Glazing Efforts

Short post of latest cup glazed mostly with shinos, cone 6, oxidation.

Was kind-a disappointed for the interior was spoze to be reddish. And i thought there would be more green in the leaves. The interior (and exterior, too) had many spikey bumps.
Still, i couldn't resist showing it to Reed and Becky. Wanted them to see the true colors before i sanded it with 100 mesh sandpaper. Wasn't too sure any colors would remain afterwards.
Have never sanded a cup before. Figured i had to tho, for it was never my intention to hand someone a cup of coffee or tea and inflict them with bodily harm. The little spikeys were that sharp that i could just imagine polite guests smiling at me, praising the coffee while blood dripped slowly from their upper and lower lips . . . .
Sanded and sanded.
And gosh! Would you believe?
All the colors remained true, the surface didn't have any abrasive marks AND the spikeys are gone. Can't beat that with a stick!
Now i'm actually kind of fond of the darn thing ..........

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