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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Face In Town

Sometimes people, places, faces or things take your fancy. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes just because they've come into existance, they endear themselves to you.

Such is the case with the cup released from the kiln yesterday.

Now i ought-a point out, that the day before Thanksgiving when it first came out of the kiln, i was ready to pitch it, like a baseball, to the furtherest point on the playing field, turn my back and walk away. It was that disappointing. These "hairline" and larger cracks are killing me.

Got out my Dremel, put on a stone grinding tip and really tore into the crack. Figured the cup was useless as it was, so it couldn't get worse. Right? When the puppy survived my grinding attempts, i began to have a bit more respect for it.

Filled the hollowed out spaces with Aztec.

Late Thanksgiving night, used a Duncan glaze (hadn't a clue what it would do)over the Aztec'd spots. I surely hoped it would subtly blend with the existing colors.

Still, since there was little hope that the cup would "heal" itself, it was an opportunity to see what color this commercial glaze would be.

Opening the kiln yesterday afternoon. Since my expectations were really low, there was no great drama in another failed cup. The durn thing had survived, healed and for all appearances is now a perfectly good cup!

Wonderful !!!

And it's uglier than sin ¡¡¡

What can i say? As it sat around the house the rest of the afternoon and into the evening -- it grew on me. Took a place in my heart, so to speak.


Cynthia said...

I keep things that on first glance seem flawed, until often years later. Another look gives a piece more worthy respect. Sometimes, when things don't turn out as expected, we're quick to trash them - but as you discovered, another looksie was all it needed.

chaetoons said...

I can't help but feel lucky on this one Cynthia.
The cracks were so large an elephant could have reclined quite comfortably in them.
But yes, i know what you mean about flaws and second glances. Guess we fall into the category of "artists" -- those who look at their own work and see only the flaws but look at other's creations and see only beauty.
I enjoy your posts so much and it's always a joy to see that you've stopped by.

girl. said...

so cool!