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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Glazes

This pot is approx. 5 'n 1/2 inches tall (at its tallest point) and 5 'n 1/2 inches wide (at its widest point).  Probably should have photographed it from a lower angle to give a better perspective of its size.

Anyhooo . . . the glaze is:
A Rhodes #18 with:
4.5   Titanium
0.5   Copper Carb
0.5   Zinc
This glaze produces both the light mint green and the orangy yellow striations.

On the top left of the inside (the pretty mauve color) and the dotted little flowers on the outside, swiped a layer of:

50   Custer
10   Gerstley Borate
  8   Whiting
17   Silica
 6    Dolomite
 1    Zinc
 4    Barium
 4   EPK
7      Tin Oxide
0.5   Copper Carb
0.05  Potassium Bichromate

This vase was fired to 2200-degrees with a 15 minute hold.
Happy glazing days, folks


Sister Creek Potter said...

Very nice, Chae! Nice to see you here again!

chaetoons said...

Thanks Gay.
Think i may have gotten the computer/camera situation into a working status, so will post more often.
How are things going with you ??!!!